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Google Improve Mobile Handwriting Recognition

By Simon Thomas on 21st January 2013

Google Handwrite first become available on mobile devices back in July of last year and the good news is that Google have now updated the feature.


The first improvement included in the new version is more accurate identification of problematic characters. In the past the software has had problems identifying between L, a 1 or an I. This has now been solved by adding an button to choose an alternate interpretation above the space-bar.


Google have also added overlapping support so you can write one letter over another. The addition is aimed at smartphone users who often have trouble writing on smaller displays, although it'll also be supported on tablets.


The final new improvement is only relevant to Chinese users who can now write more than one character on a line. Previously, Chinese speakers could only write one character on a line which was time-consuming.


Google's handwriting recognition is supported on Google search on both iOS and Android devices and can be enabled by in "Settings" by visiting on your mobile device.

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