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Galaxy S Range Hits 100 Million Sales

By Simon Thomas on 15th January 2013

Samsung have announced that sales of their flagship Samsung Galaxy S range have hit 100 million units. That includes combined sales of the Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy S3.


The original Galaxy S launched in May 2013 which highlights just how quickly Samsung's range has risen to dominance. However, it wasn't until the release of the Galaxy S2 that the range really sales started to soar.


Samsung has now shipped 40 million Galaxy S2's to suppliers and the sales continue to roll-in 20 months after it first launched. However, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is proving even more successful having reached 40 million sales in just 7 months.


Samsung's latest version of their flagship smartphone continues to sell 190,000 units everyday and has played a big part in Samsung becoming the world's biggest mobile manufacturer. The Korean giant are hoping to continue the success with the launch of the Galaxy S4 later this year.


One thing to note is that the sales relate to supplier sales and not handsets that have been sold to consumers. However, 3G highly doubt that many suppliers have large stockpiles of any of Samsung's smartphones.

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