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Facebook Messenger Now Supports Free Voice Calling

By Simon Thomas on 18th January 2013

Earlier this month we brought you news that Facebook were testing  voice calling features for its Facebook Messenger application in Canada. Well, the testing must have gone well because the social networking giant have begun rolling out free voice calling !


The Facebook Messenger application for Apple iOS devices now supports free voice-calling (VOIP) over a WiFi connection. All users need to do take advantage of the feature is download the application and press the "Free Call" button on their contacts.


In essence Facebook Messenger has now become an alternative to Skype and includes all the features you'd expect. However, there is a catch because currently it's only available in the US and only on Apple devices.


3G doesn't expect it'll be long before free voice calling becomes available in the UK, while an Android version surely has to be just around the corner. 


One thing we are interested in is whether Facebook will add support for voice-calling over 3G and 4G which would expand the applications usefulness significantly. Unlimited mobile data is now widely available and so VOIP calling has become even more viable, so we hope Facebook add support for voice-calling over 3G and 4G.


We'll bring you any news on news of a launch of the new version of Facebook Messenger in the UK and it's launch on other platforms when we get it.



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