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Facebook Add Voice Messaging To Messenger App

By Simon Thomas on 09th January 2013

Facebook have announced that they've now added "Voice Messaging" to their Facebook Messenger applications for both Apple iOS and Google Android devices.


The Facebook Messenger application is a standalone application that enables Facebook users to chat in a dedicated application. The new voice-messaging feature enables users to send 1 minute voice-clips to each other using the software.


The information was reported by Tech Crunch , but unfortunately the feature is currently only available in Canada. We're not sure why this is but we're sure it'll be rolled out across the world shortly.


Even more exciting is the news that Facebook are already testing VOIP audio calling in their Messenger application. This would be a great addition and would make Facebook's application a true rival to Skype, which is the leading VOIP application.


We have no idea when the new version of the Facebook Messenger application will be released in the UK. Neither do we have any idea on how long it'll be before the application includes support for VOIP. However, as soon as new information surfaces we'll be sure to relay it to our readers.


You can read more details about Facebook Messenger by clicking here.



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