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BT SmartTalk - Cheaper Calls On iOS or Android Smartphones

By Simon Thomas on 15th January 2013

BT SmartTalk is a new application that enables Android and iOS owners with a BT land-line to make calls on their smartphone at landline rates.

In order to use the amazing new service you need to download BT's SmartTalk application and have access to a WiFi or 3G network.  When connected users will effectively be able to make calls from their landline on their smartphone.


The major benefit of the new service is the cost savings associated with using a land-line over a mobile. Calls will be cheaper on the whole, while users will also be able to take advantage of their free evening and weekend calls. Additionally,  0800/0845/0870 numbers will be free , while the service will also work abroad reducing costs even further.


Any calls made when using the service will be billed to the users land-line account , which also makes it a great emergency feature for those on Pay As You. If a Pay As You Go customer runs out of credit they can easily make a call by connecting to a free BT OpenZone hotspot and load the BT SmartTalk application.


A single BT Landline account can add up to 5 mobile devices enabling friends and family to save money. As you'd expect all calls made using the service will be billed to the landline account , so be careful who you give access to !


The BT SmartTalk application is available to download right now from iTunes and Google Play and 3G recommends anyone with a BT landline to take advantage of the new service !

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