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Blackberry Guide - How To Transfer Your Contacts

By Simon Thomas on 14th January 2013


Three have issued a new video documenting how Blackberry users can transfer their contracts from their old smartphone over to their shiny new one.


The process is really pretty simple and involves using Blackberry's desktop software , which is available on both PC and Mac. The software can be downloaded over at and you can then follow Three's guide to complete the procedure.


Even though Blackberry sales have fallen in recent times they still retain a solid hardcore following. The main reason it has this following is its amazing email and business features, as well as strong social networking thanks to Blackberry Messenger.


Three offer a whole range of Blackberry smartphones which are available on some amazing deals. One smartphone offered is the Curve 9320 which is available with unlimited internet from just £16 a month.


You can checkout all of Three's Blackberry deals by clicking here.


RIM will be unveiling the new Blackberry 10 operating system and the smartphones that will launch the new platform at the end of this month. 3G will bring you all the news from the event which takes place on January 30th !

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