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Blackberry 10 - What Are The Major Features Of Blackberry's Operating System ?

By Simon Thomas on 31st January 2013

RIM, who've now officially renamed themselves Blackberry, unveiled their new Blackberry 10 platform and two new smartphones yesterday. We thought we'd give you an in-depth look at Blackberry's new platform, which many think is their last throw of the dice !


Blackberry have had a terrible couple of years with their market share dropping massively and their reputation damaged by server crashes. The good news is that Blackberry 10 has been well received on the whole , but you can make up your own mind by reading all about the operating system  below !


Blackberry Hub



When any new operating system is released the most noticeable change is normally to the user-interface. Blackberry 10 is no different and the centre piece of the operating system is the new "Blackberry Hub".


The Blackberry Hub is your one-stop for all the latest updates including texts, email, social network updates , BBM messages and calendar notifications.


The Blackberry Hub is accessible from any screen using a swipe gesture which pulls out a peek window so you can quickly check for updates . The peek windows can then be expanded so you can use advanced features , such as replying to messages and much much more.


Blackberry Flow


Blackberry Flow is another major new user-interface improvement which brings amazing multi-tasking to Blackberry smartphones. With Blackberry Flow you can switch between applications smoothly without having to close any of them merely by swiping across the touch-screen.


While, Blackberry Peek is essentially an extension of the Blackberry Flow because it enables you to peek at another application without having to close the one your currently viewing. For example, you could be viewing a video and quickly peek at your email to check if you've got any new deliveries.


Blackberry Messenger


The Blackberry Messenger application includes all the popular features you've come to love. However , it gets even better because now it supports video-calling enabling you to make free international calls to friends, relatives and loved-ones.


Blackberry have also added a new "screen-share" feature to BBM which enables users to let others see what is being displayed on their smartphone. This will be especially useful for business users because they can easily share documents and images with colleagues.


Improved Keyboard

The Blackberry 10 platform also includes a new "smart" on-screen keyboard which learns from your tendencies and word choices to make typing even faster and more accurate. Apparently, this not only works for the on-screen keyboard but also on smartphones with physical QWERTY keyboards , such as the Blackberry Q10.


Time Shift & Story Maker

Blackberry's new platform includes a new camera feature known as "Time Shift" which helps to ensure your snaps are perfect. When taking a picture the camera takes shots either side of the moment when you press shoot to ensure everyone's smile is captured perfectly. Facial recognition will then able you to choose the best frame for each individual person in the picture !

Story Maker is another new feature which brings together snaps, video and music to automatically produce a HD movie that you can then easily share with others. The clever application will also add effects to the production which gives the video added gloss !

Blackberry Balance



Blackberry Balance is another feature aimed at business users because it enables owners of Blackberry 10 smartphones to keep their personal and works lives separate. You can switch between personal and work profiles from the lock-screen and even add passwords for added security.


Closing Thoughts On Blackberry 10

Blackberry 10's features stand-up very well against the competition and the business features are particularly impressive. However, one of the major drawbacks is the lack of applications which is compounded by the fact that the platform isn't backwards compatible with Blackberry 7.

Ultimately, the smartphones are equally as important and we have doubts on whether the Blackberry Q10 and Blackberry Z10 will captivate consumers enough. However, only time will tell and we're hoping Blackberry will be around for years to come !

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