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Blackberry 10 Gets 15,000 App Submissions

By Simon Thomas on 15th January 2013

The Blackberry 10 operating system has seen over 15,000 application submissions in the last two days, due to the success of a recent Virtual Community Port-a-Thon event.


RIM rewarded developers whose applications got approved with a $100 and those who submitted between 5 and 10 applications got a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device. Presumably, this is the reason why they such a high response from developers.


The lack of applications is always a major hurdle that needs to be overcome when launching a new operating system. The Port-a-Thom event has gone a long way in helping to ensure that Blackberry 10 has a wide range of applications when it launches later in the year.


Blackberry 10 will be announced on January 30th where RIM are expected to unveil two smartphones running the platform. That is expected to include the premium Blackberry Z10 and the QWERTY Blackberry X10 smartphone.


3G will be bringing you all the news from RIM's Blackberry 10 event in London which takes place on January 30th. We're pretty excited about the new operating system and we're expecting very good things !

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