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Skype Coming To Windows Smartphone Soon ?

By Simon Thomas on 16th January 2012

When Microsoft bought Skype late last year everyone was expecting Skype to be rushed out onto the Windows Phone platform. However, we're now a couple of months on and Skype still isn't available on Microsoft's operating system.


That could be about to change though because in an interview at CES Rick Osterloh, Skype's Vice President of products, stated that the company is working on Windows version of Skype.


Many expected Microsoft would integrate the Skype application deeply into its operating system, but this first version will be a stand-alone application. No launch date was given but its expected to launch soon !


Microsoft need to make the Skype partnership work because they paid a whopping $8.5 billion for the company. This application will be only the first in a number of important Skype releases on Microsoft's Windows Phone platform and once we get any more news about a release date we'll let you know.

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