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Nokia Acquires OS Developer Smarterphone

By Simon Thomas on 09th January 2012

Nokia have bought Smarterphone , who are a Norwegian based company that produces operating systems for feature-phones.


The aim of their products is to enable a smartphone experience on  feature phones. Feature phones are the low-price mobiles that sell in developing markets and have long been an area where Nokia has excelled.


Infact, in recent times if Nokia didn't have a good grip on developing markets they may well have struggled to remain afloat. Their smartphone share has gone rapidly down hill which ultimately led to them adopting the Windows Phone operating system.

Nokia obviously see the importance of the feature-phone market to their company and they will undoubtedly incorporate Smarterphone's technology into its mobiles.


The software not only brings smartphone experiences to feature-phones, but it enables regional customisation, which is necessity in the feature phone market.

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