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Acer Unveil Acercloud Remote Storage Solution

By Jeff Baker on 12th January 2012

Acer have unveiled Acercloud which is their version of Apple's iCloud remote storage solution.


Acercloud enables you to remotely backup smartphone data to your desktop PC and to transfer data from your PC to your smartphone.


One of the best features of Acercloud is "Always Connect" which enables you to wake-up your PC from sleep-mode using WiFi. This means that you can always have access to your desktop PC access without having to leave it on, therefore saving power !


With Acercloud you can take pictures on your smartphone and transfer them remotely to your PC or other device using Acer's Picstream feature. The service also works the other way where you can stream a movie purchased on your PC onto your mobile.


Acercloud can also be used to store files , which can be updated in a single place and then accessed on multiple devices. This is particularly useful to businessmen and its value shouldn't be underestimated.


Acercloud will come pre-loaded on all Acer PC's launched in the future and is compatible with all Android smartphones.






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