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Google Goggles and Voice Search In Action

By Jeff Baker on 04th January 2011


This is a great video from 3 which will provide you with some useful tips and features of Google Goggles and Google Voice Search. You need Android 1.6 or above and iOS4.0 for the iPhone. Details of how to download the Apps for the iPhone and for Android can be found at the foot of this article.


The two 3 presenters run through and show us how Google Goggles is used on their smartphone to read a "Sleeping Beauty" poster and then to find the venue on Google. Next Google Goggles is used to translate a German brochure into English using their smartphone. Google Goggles is able to translate in 6 languages namely English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.


Google Voice Search is next to be introduced and works fine for the presenters. Just speak into the phone with your search request. A lot quicker than typing your search which can be seen in the video.


Head off to Android Market to download the apps and for the iPhone head to the  App Store and locate the Google Mobile App (which includes both Google Goggles and Voice Search)


More about Google Googles can be found here and for more about Google Voice search see here.

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