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Vodafone 4G is proving a real hit with customers

By Simon Thomas on 18th February 2014

 Vodafone 4G

Vodafone has announced that it's signed up 500,000 customers on its 4G Red plans since they first went on sale six months ago.


That figure is likely to continue to rising rapidly over the coming months, with Vodafone's Ultrafast 4G network now rolling out to over 208 cities, towns and districts across the UK. That means that Vodafone's 4G network now covers 36% of the UK population.


The operator also revealed that customers on a 4G Red plan are using twice as much data as those on 3G plans. That includes twice as much video and music streaming, video calling, online banking and online shopping. In December alone Vodafone 4G customers used a whopping 300TB of data.


A significant portion of that data was undoubtedly used streaming Sky Sports Mobile TV and Spotify Premium, with a choice between the two currently being offered free to Vodafone 4G customers.


Data usage was also likely to be have been boosted significantly by Vodafone's "Data Test Drive", which enables new 4G customers to use as much data as they want for the first 3 months of their plan.


O2 have tried to strike back at Vodafone by offering a free Sun+ Goals subscription to its 4G customers - but we think that Sky Sports Mobile TV is still a better "Freebee".


It's a good time to be a consumer with the operators all cutting prices and launching promotions to grab their share of the lucrative 4G market.


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