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Checkout the improvements KitKat will bring to the LG G2

By Kevin Thomas on 27th February 2014

LG KitKat


The LG G2 update from Android Jelly Bean (4.2.2) to KitKat (4.4) will be ready, as previously reported, in March - although a precise date has not yet been confirmed.


LG have produced a super test comparison featuring two LG G2’s, one with JellyBean installed and the other KitKat.


The video below below clearly shows us that the G2 with KitKat installed can run applications up to 17% faster than one with JellyBean. Web browsing is also quicker thanks to the Chromium web engine widget, while the camera application also loads noticeably quicker.


LG say that “the LG G2 plays music more efficiently and supports the battery saving location mode, extending battery life and user enjoyment”. A new additional feature called Google Cloud Printer lets you print documents via Bluetooth or WiFi.


As always, although the phone manufacturer is making KitKat available to update in March,  there may well be a delay while the respective mobile operators make it available.


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