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Three 4G lands in more towns and cities, including in our office

By Simon Thomas on 17th February 2014

Three 4G

Three's 4G network is going live in more and more areas across the UK everyday - with users across the country reporting that they are now accessing Three's 4G network.


The operator themselves are yet to officially comment on the wider roll-out of their 4G network, but we know Three 4G is now live in Cardiff because the network is accessible from our office (in the Cardiff Bay area).


While, users in Coventry, Leicester, Liverpool, Newcastle Upon Tyne and Oxford have also reported to our sister site that they are now enjoying 4G at no extra cost.

Three's 4G coverage is far from Citywide, even in the places where the operator have officially confirmed that their 4G network is live (London, Manchester, Birmingham and Reading). But the roll-out to other towns and cities has begun and over the coming months coverage and speeds will continue to improve.

Three 4G Cardiff Speed Test

We benchmarked Three's 4G network in Cardiff using Okla Speedtest on our Sony Xperia Z. The results showed it was delivering download speeds of 11.06Mb/s with an upload of 1.22Mb/s.

That's slower than we would have expected and the coverage is pretty patchy. However, users in Oxford are reporting download speeds of up to 50mbps with upload speeds of around 12mbps.

Have you got Three 4G on your phone? Let us know by leaving a comment below and post your speeds if you've the chance to run a speed test.

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