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Sony SmartBand SWR10 Announced

By Kevin Thomas on 25th February 2014

Sony smartband

SmartBand from Sony - keep track of everything in your daily life.

Not content with just smartphones and smartwatches, Sony is now launching a SmartBand. The SmartBand SWR10 has just been announced at MWC and it’s designed to be a 24/7 wearable device. With that in mind it’s fully waterproof, light and unobtrusive and as smart wearables go it’s relatively stylish too.


It can connect to your smartphone using Bluetooth and NFC and will vibrate to notify you of calls, texts, tweets and Facebook likes. That vibration function can also be used to wake you up at the optimum time, as the SmartBand is able to measure your sleep cycle and if the SmartBand is separated from your phone by more than ten metres it will vibrate then too.


While there’s no screen on the device there is a single button and the band itself can be pressed to act as a button too, which between them can be used to play, pause and skip tracks in the Walkman app.


The SmartBand SWR10 goes hand in hand with Sony’s new Lifeblog application, which will tell you where you’ve been, what you’ve listened to, what games you’ve played, what books you’ve read, how active you’ve been, what pictures you’ve taken and how you’ve been communicating. Essentially it does just what the name suggests, it blogs your life, and it’s better able to do that when linked to the SmartBand.


It can also be used to help you track your fitness by setting goals, which with the help of your phone and SmartBand can then be monitored and the app will even make recommendations based on your progress.


The SmartBand SWR10 will initially be available in black with more colours to follow and it launches alongside the Lifeblog app in March.


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