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Samsung to unveil improved Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatch at MWC 2014

By Simon Thomas on 06th February 2014

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung to unveil Galaxy Gear 2 alongside Galaxy S5 at MWC 2014


In just under 3 weeks time the mobile world will gather in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress 2014 where the manufacturers from across the world will unveil their latest creations.


Earlier this week Samsung all-but-confirmed that they'll be unveiling their flagship Samsung Galaxy S5 and it looks like it'll be joined at the event by the Galaxy Gear 2. That's according the New York Times who reported that the Korean company will "show off an upgrade to its Galaxy Gear smartwatch".


No further details were given on the device itself, but Samsung will be hoping to turn around the fortunes of its smartwatch. The original Samsung Galaxy Gear was widely criticised for its lack of compatibility, limited features and high price - which has led to it to suffering from abnormally high return rates.


Samsung are bound to have learnt from the experience and are likely to make significant changes with the Galaxy Gear 2. We'll now look at what changes could be made with the Galaxy Gear and what  we're hoping for from Samsung's updated smartwatch.


What could/should Samsung change with the Galaxy Gear 2?


The original Samsung Galaxy Gear has already improved significantly since its launch, with compatibility extending to more Samsung devices and new features being added all the time. But there is still things which we'd hope Samsung will change with its successor including:


  1. Improved Battery Life - Battery life is one of the major hurdles with wearable technology because they need to be light and compact. Samsung's Galaxy Gear lasts a solid 2 days, but there is room for improvement and any boost in battery life would be welcomed.
  2. Lower Price - Consumers have made it clear that they think £300 is a little too much to pay for a smartwatch. Samsung are therefore likely to reduce the price of the Galaxy Gear 2, which could be achieved by removing certain features such as the in-built camera and making it less of a standalone device and more of an accessory.
  3. Design Improvements - The Galaxy Gear is a pretty bulky device to wear everyday and we'd love Samsung to try and slim down the design. We'd also like the option to change the straps, or at least the option to buy versions with leather and metal straps (because frankly plastic doesn't cut it).
  4. One for the ladies - Samsung did the best job they could to make the Galaxy Gear unisex, with a neutral design and a diverse colour range. But it's still a bit bulky and angular for female tastes and a smaller, softer Galaxy Gear 2 designed for ladies would be a great addition.
  5. Widespread compatibility - In an ideal world we'd like to see Samsung's Galaxy Gear 2 compatible with all smartphones running on the Android platform. That's probably not going to happen, but we'd hope Samsung will do their best to ensure it's compatible with all their recent and future releases.


What would you like to see change with the Samsung Galaxy Gear? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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