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Samsung Galaxy S5 specs leaked ahead of big reveal later this month

By Simon Thomas on 05th February 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 set to be bigger, better and more powerful


Earlier in the week Samsung all-but-confirmed they'd be unveiling the Samsung Galaxy S5 on February 24th at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. As you might have expected that's led to an influx of speculation and rumours about Samsung's smartphone.


Respected industry insider Eldar Murtazin has now taken to Twitter to post a specification for the Galaxy S5. He's usually pretty reliable when it comes to Samsung devices, so this is definitely the most viable rumour we've got our hands on so far.


Samsung's Galaxy S5 will apparently come with a 5.24 inch touch-screen that will run at whopping QHD resolution (2,560 x 1,600 pixels). That would not only make it bigger than the 5-inch Galaxy S4, but would also give it a higher pixels-per-inch rating (560 v 441ppi).


The RAM will get bumped up to 3GB putting it on par with the Galaxy Note 3 and power will be provided by either a Exynos 6 octa-core processor (3G model) or a Snapdragon 805 chip (4G LTE model). Users will apparently be able to choose between 16, 32 or 64GB of on-board memory (with microSD support).


The rear-camera will be boosted up to 16 mega-pixels and is likely to support 4k video recording and optical-image-stabilisation. While, it'll also have a front-facing 3.2 mega-pixel snapper for video calling and the smartphones' juice will be provided by a 3200 mAH battery.


Want to get an idea of how the Galaxy S5 will look?

Where's the innovation Samsung?


The freshly leaked Galaxy S5 specification is looking good, but where is that standout innovative new feature. It's likely that Samsung are doing everything they can to keep any new features, such as the rumoured fingerprint sensor or eye-scanner top-secret.


They could even throw a real curveball and unveil a new feature that nobody had anticipated. We're not concerned by the lack of detail in this most recently leaked specification, because we're sure Samsung has got something big planned for the Galaxy S5.

We're also still waiting to find out if Samsung will move away from the plastic build featured on their previous Galaxy smartphones. Rumours suggest they could launch two different versions of the flagship, one in plastic and the other with a premium metal build.


Only time will tell, but we'll be reporting from Samsung's event on February 24th from Mobile World Congress. So stay posted to get the full lowdown on Samsung's Galaxy S5.

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