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O2 Now Bringing 4G to Existing Customers at No Extra Cost

By Kevin Thomas on 17th February 2014

O2 offering free 4G upgarde to existing 3G customers

O2 offering free 4G upgrade to existing 3G customers.


Not so long ago it was hard to recommend O2’s 4G service thanks to high prices, limited coverage and lacklustre extras, but it’s suddenly getting a whole lot better. Only the other day we reported on how O2 4G customers can now get free access to Sun+ and now it seems existing 3G customers will be getting 4G at no extra cost.


The network has started sending text messages to customers with 4G handsets informing them of the free upgrade. The message would say either ‘O2 4G is here’ if the postcode you registered to O2 with can currently receive 4G, or ‘Get ready for O2 4G’ if it can’t. But more importantly the text would contain the date on which your 4G access starts, at which point you can head on over to O2’s on-line setup assistant which will guide you through getting started.


It’s not clear whether every 3G customer with a 4G phone will be eligible for the free upgrade to 4G, but O2 has already started sending out the texts so keep an eye out for one over the next few weeks.


O2 also hasn’t yet confirmed whether it will be dropping its 4G prices for new customers or whether existing 4G customers will see any sort of price cut.


If O2 does start to offer 4G at no extra cost as standard then the network might actually have a fighting chance against EE, not to mention putting it on a level footing with Three and Tesco Mobile, both of which already provide 4G at no additional cost.


The specifics of O2’s plan remain to be seen, but it certainly bodes well for the future of 4G to see a network as large as O2 making it so affordable and it may compel EE and Vodafone to drop their prices too.


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