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New leak all but confirms two Samsung Galaxy S5 versions

By Kevin Thomas on 20th February 2014

Galaxy S5 display


The official release of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is just 4 days away and we expect a last trail-blazing rush of rumours before the official release on 24th February at MWC.


The latest leak emerging from Korea comes via the production lines where the displays are being built. This confirms that the Galaxy S5 will be coming in two versions, albeit at different times.


The two versions are mainly separated by the quality of their displays. The first to arrive is reported to be the standard Galaxy S5 version with a 1080p display that will go on sale in March.


Both versions will be announced at MWC, but the second "premium" version will go on sale sometime later and will feature a superior QHD (2560 x 1440) display with a 560ppi. The reason for the delay is due to lower than expected yield levels in production.


Galaxy S5 display


Both models will feature a "diamond" pixel structure (see above). Diamond shapes maximize the sub-pixel packing and achieve the highest possible PPI. This technology was first seen on the Galaxy S4.


We posted a Samsung Galaxy S5 rumour roundup recently and will be on site at MWC to cover its unleashing.


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