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Microsoft Office for iPad could launch within months

By Simon Thomas on 17th February 2014

Office for iPhone

All the way back in 2011 we reported on the possibility of Microsoft Office being released for the Apple iPad. We were beginning to think it had been canned, but now it looks as though it's firmly back on the horizon.


The folks over at ZDNet are reporting that Office for iPad will launch in the first half of 2014. Apparently, the software (codenamed Miramar) is almost ready and will hit the market ahead of the first full-touch version of Office (codenamed Gemini) that has been in production for a long time already.


Microsoft Office for iPad will enable owners of Apple's tablet to create and edit Word, Powerpoint and Excel documents on-the-move. We'd expect it to be compatible with iPad running on iOS 6.1, which would tie-in with the compatibility of the iPhone version of Office (pictured above) which launched in the Summer of last year.


When it does launch it's likely you'll have to pay for a Office 365 subscription to use Office for iPad (from £7.99 per month) . At least that's the requirements with the Android and iPhone versions and we don't see why anything would change with Office for iPad.

As soon as we get more news about the launch of Office for iPad you'll be the first to know.


Bad news for Windows tablets?


One of the major reasons to currently choose a Windows tablet over an iPad is that it will support Microsoft Office. That advantage would be eradicated by the launch of Office for iPad, which could potentially lead to a drop in sales of Windows tablets, such as Nokia's Lumia 2520.


Microsoft themselves are sure to make back the lost money in Office subscriptions, especially to businesses, but it's bad news for manufacturers such as Nokia. Although, the saving grace is that free versions of Office come pre-loaded on Windows tablets and the native version is always like to offer more features and better integration with the desktop version of Windows.

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