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HTC Watch could be on your wrist before Christmas

By Simon Thomas on 06th February 2014

HTC Watch Concept

HTC to join the smartwatch revolution this year


We've always suspected that HTC were working on their own smartwatch and the Taiwenese company have now confirmed that they'll launch their first wearable device later this year.


HTC's Chairman Cher Wang revealed that the company will "launch their first wearable device by this year's Christmas shopping season" in a recent interview with Bloomberg.


“Many years ago we started looking at smartwatches and wearables, but we believe that we really have to solve the battery problems and the LCD light problems,” she said in the interview. “These are customer-centric problems.”


The HTC Watch is a device we've heard little about, but presumably it'll function very similar to Samsung's Galaxy Gear. It should be able to hookup with HTC smartphones (and possibly other Android phones) to take calls, deliver notifications and take photos.


It's widely accepted that the HTC One is the best looking and best built Android smartphone on the market today. We're hoping that they retain the same high level of quality with the HTC Watch, because we're still waiting for a smartwatch that is both functional and fashionable.


Checkout the HTC Watch concept put together by Martin Kaymak in the video below and picture above. Or checkout a whole host of other smartwatch concepts (including Apple's iWatch) here.



Will HTC be too late to the party?


Consumers across the globe are already enjoying Samsung's Galaxy Gear (pictured below) and Sony's Smartwatch 2, and both will have been on the market for over a year before HTC's Watch goes on sale.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

While, Apple, Google and even Nokia are also thought to be working on smartwatches which could also hit the market before HTC's first wearable lands in stores. Could that leave the market sown up before HTC even enter the frey?


Perhaps, but making sure everything is perfect before you launch your smartwatch could prove to be a great decision. Many believe that Samsung's Galaxy Gear launched too soon and was widely criticised for its lack of features and its limited compatibility with Samsung devices.


Food for thought: HTC havn't explicitly stated they are launching a smartwatch, so it's possible that they could launch a pair of smart glasses in the mould of Google Glass. Which would you be more interested in buying?

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