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Flagship HTC M8 and smaller M8 mini to be unveiled on March 25th

By Simon Thomas on 19th February 2014

HTC Press Event Invite

HTC M8 and M8 mini set to be unveiled in just over a months time


HTC have begun sending out invites to a press event taking place simultaneously in London and New York on March 25th.


The invites don't mention exactly what HTC will be unveiling at the event, but there is one big device on the horizon at HTC right now, and that's their next flagship smartphone.


The successor to the critically acclaimed HTC One has been doing the rumour-rounds for sometime already, and has been referred to as the HTC M8, the HTC One Two and the latest information suggests it'll be called the 'The All New HTC One'.


Whatever HTC to decide to call their new flagship smartphone, it could well be unveiled alongside the rumoured mini version of the same smartphone - codenamed the HTC M8 mini.


The HTC M8 is rumoured to have a 5-inch display (1920*1080 pixels) and is thought to be powered by a quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor backed up by 2GB of RAM. Interestingly, it'll also have a dual-sensor Ultrapixel camera that could even rival the Lumia 1020's 41-mega-pixel snapper.


One thing that's bound to be retained from the HTC One is the uni-body aluminium design, which made the original  one of the best designed smartphones in the world. We're also pretty confident it'll launch in a wide colour range, given how many different coloured versions of the HTC One that have launched in the last year.


While, the HTC M8 mini is expected to come with a smaller 4.5 inch (720p) display and be powered by a 1.4 GHz quad-core processor backed up by 1GB of RAM. It's rumoured to have a 13 mega-pixel camera and, like its bigger brother, will come pre-loaded with Android KitKat.


We'll be bringing you all the breaking news from HTC's press event on March 25th as it happens!

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