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Apple iWatch to be your health and fitness buddy

By Simon Thomas on 04th February 2014

Apple iWatch Concept

Apple's smartwatch set to monitor your workouts and well-being?


The Apple iWatch has been rumoured for years already, but things have really begun ramping up over the last month, suggesting that the launch of Apple's smartwatch is drawing ever closer.


The latest information to surface suggests that the iWatch will focus heavily on fitness and health. Apparently, it'll take advantage of a new "Healthbook" feature being introduced in iOS 8 that will monitor aspects of your workout and general well-being.


According to sources familiar with Apple's plans, the "Healthbook" feature will be capable of monitoring steps taken, calories burnt, miles covered and even weight loss.


While, on the health side of things it's rumoured to support tracking of blood pressure, glucose levels, heart-rate and will also be capable of reminding users when to take their medication.


It should be pointed out that it's unlikely that the iWatch will be capable of monitoring everything supported by "Healthbook". Some of the features are likely to require the iWatch to be hooked up with an iPhone or iPad, while others might require a separate accessory altogether.


We're also wondering how the "Healthbook" data will be recorded: namely, whether it will it be stored locally on the iWatch itself, on the Cloud or on an iPhone or iPad paired with Apple's smartwatch. We'll let you know as soon as we hear more about Apple's iWatch.


Do the potential fitness and health monitoring aspects of the iWatch appeal to you? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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