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Windows Phone 7.8 - Why Update Your Lumia Smartphone And How To Do So

By Simon Thomas on 04th February 2013


The Windows Phone 7.8 update is now available to download on Nokia's Lumia range and the Finnish company have released a video guide to the update.


Nokia's video, posted above, highlights the main new features brought to Lumia smartphones by Windows Phone 7.8. While, it also documents how Lumia owners can download and install the update.


What features does Windows Phone 7.8 bring to Nokia's Lumia smartphones ?


Windows Phone 7.8 adds additional customisation options including support for re-sizable Live Tiles. Additionally, a whole host of new theme colours have been added while you can also customise your lock-screen even further.


Nokia Lumia owners will also benefit from a new MP3 Editor which enables users to create their own ringtones. While, Windows Phone 7.8 enables files to be shared over Bluetooth which previously wasn't possible.


How do you install the Windows Phone 7.8 update ?


In order to update your Nokia Lumia smartphone to Windows Phone 7.8 you first need to install Zune on your desktop PC , while Mac users should install the Windows Phone App.


Then you'll need to connect your Lumia smartphone to your PC or Mac using a USB cable. Then all you need to do is follow the instructions on screen and you'll be ready to start enjoying the new version of Microsoft's mobile operating system.

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