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Ultrafast Mobile Broadband Unravelled

By Simon Thomas on 06th February 2013

Three are currently running a huge marketing campaign promoting their "Ultrafast" network. We've already reported on a number of Ultrafast devices offered by Three including the iPhone 5, Apple iPad, Sony Xperia Z and many more. 


However, one area we've failed to highlight is Three's Ultrafast mobile broadband deals. Three have long been pioneers in the world of mobile broadband since 2003 and Ultrafast is just the latest evolution in the technology.


What exactly  is Three's Ultrafast network ?


In essence Three's Ultrafast network offers doubles the speeds of 3G by utilising Three's DC-HSDPA network. The real-world speeds are only slightly below that of 4G enabling users to enjoy faster internet without the premium price associated with 4G.


Three also recently confirmed that customers won't have to pay extra to switch to 4G when the network goes live later this year. This is another benefit of choosing Three over the other network operators.


Currently , Three's Ultrafast network covers 50 per cent on the UK population with the operator hoping to hit 80 per cent coverage by April of this year. Three will also begin rolling out their 4G network towards the end of 2012 .


What Ultrafast Mobile Broadband deals are available ?


Three are currently offering the Huawei E3256 Ultrafast dongle which supports download speeds up to 41MBps. At the current time this is the only "Ultrafast" dongle available, but this is sure to change in the coming months.


You can pickup the dongle on Pay As You Go for £44.99 with 1GB of data which expires after 1 month. Alternatively, you can buy the dongle with 3GB of data which lasts for 3 months for £54.99 or with 12GB of data valid for 12 months for £104.99.


Various monthly tariffs are also available with prices starting at just £8.89 a month which gets you 1GB of data allowance every month. The contract last 24 months and you'll need to pay £24.99 upfront for the Huawei E3256 dongle.


Those looking for more inclusive data might be interested in the 15GB a month tariff which costs £17.01 a month over a 24 month period. You'll also only have to pay £4.99 a month for the dongle upfront.


A 1 month rolling contract is also available which costs £15.99 a month and includes 5GB of monthly data. An upfront fee of £24.99 is also due, but it's still a great deal especially for those looking for a short-term internet connection.


You can checkout all of Three's Ultrafast Mobile Broadband deals by clicking here.

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