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Sony Xperia Z – an unusual consumer test

By Kevin Thomas on 22nd February 2013

The Sony Xperia Z is both dust-proof and waterproof and looking at the video below we think its gonna be tested to its limit. This is the first mobile phone test by a baby we have seen to-date and when compared to say a test where a steamroller runs over a JCB Toughphone, this may seem a shade lame.


But wait, your Xperia Z is much more likely to be picked up by an inquisitive baby than run over by a steamroller – so OK a test like this could have a role to play. It looks as though the Xperia Z survives the baby test – both shock and water cycles – and it’s a good job too as it costs around £450 SIM free.



We’ve previously written articles where we covered the full specification for the Sony Xperia Z, undertook our Sony Xperia Z Review, looked at the Xperia Z’s RS for Mobile, completed a Sony Xperia Z versus iPhone 5 comparison and much more which can be viewed here.


Meanwhile, 3G will continue to keep posting with anything new for the Xperia Z and if you are interested in buying the smartphone then why not consider one a deal where you get” all you can eat data” by checking out the link below.

You can pre-order the Sony Xperia Z on Three by clicking here.

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