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Sony Trialling "My Xperia" Mobile Tracking Service

By Simon Thomas on 04th February 2013

Sony have announced that they've begun trialling a new mobile tracking service called "My Xperia" in Nordic countries. The service will then roll-out gradually to Xperia smartphones across the world later this year.


So what exactly is My Xperia ?


My Xperia is essentially a service that helps you locate and protect your smartphone if its been lost or stolen. In essence the application is Sony's version of Apple's "Find My iPhone" application.


The service serves two main functions with the first being to help you locate and find your lost Xperia smartphone. You can view the location of your smartphone on a map which is useful for when your smartphone has gone missing.


Additionally, you can send an alert to the smartphone which will even work if the mobile has been set to silent mode. This is useful for locating your smartphone when it's been misplaced , while it could also prove annoying to thieves because it'll draw attention to them.


Protecting private data is also a major concern when your smartphone has been misplaced or stolen and the "My Xperia" application includes some features to help. You can lock the smartphone to protect your data and then send a "push" message displaying your contact details , just in-case the mobile is found by a good Samaritan.


Should you wish to take more drastic steps you can choose to erase the phones memory and all the data contained on the microSD card.  Overall, it's a pretty impressive service and one which every Xperia owner should install.


Sony are currently trialling "My Xperia" service on Xperia Acro smartphones in Scandinavia and will then go on to roll-out globally after the trials are concluded. As soon as 3G get any fresh information we'll let you know.

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