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Samsung Galaxy S4 To Support Visa payWave NFC Mobile Payments

By Simon Thomas on 26th February 2013

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is due to be unveiled later this month and we've heard lots of rumours about the smartphone in the past. Now we've heard information suggesting that the Galaxy S4 will come with support for Visa's payWave NFC mobile payment technology.


Earlier today Visa and Samsung have announced a new partnership that will bring support for NFC mobile payments to Samsung's next-gen smartphones. The two companies have hooked up in the past to produce an NFC-enabled Olympic version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 , but this latest partnership takes things even further.


The new partnership combines Samsung's mobile technology with Visa's payment expertise to enable financial institutions to download payment account information securely to NFC-enabled Samsung devices. The feat is achieved using Visa's Mobile Provisioning Service which works in combination with Samsung's KMS (Key-Management System).


Visa and Samsung also confirmed that Visa's payWave software will come pre-loaed on Samsung's next-generation smartphones. That'll enable owners of Samsung smartphones to quickly and easily setup their smartphone to make NFC payments across the UK.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 will be unveiled next month in New York and it looks nailed on to be one of the smartphones that'll come pre-loaded with the payWave application. That'll enable owners of Samsung's flagship smartphone to make NFC Mobile Payments across the UK when it lands in April !


For those who've never come across NFC (Near-Field Communication) it's a wireless technology that enables users to pay for items in store by swiping their smartphone past an reader. While, it can also be used to transfer files and data between two devices just by tapping them together.

A number of stores already support NFC payments including Starbucks and McDonalds and a number of smartphones come with NFC support including the Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3 Mini. NFC is expected to spread quickly across the UK over the next couple of years and should vastly reduce the time spent at checkouts in retail outlets.

You can read more about NFC in our comprehensive guide to the technology by clicking here.


Visa are currently demonstrating their payWave technology at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. 3G will be sure to bring you more details about the new service as soon as we get it.

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