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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Rumour Round Up

By Simon Thomas on 20th February 2013

Earlier this month we reported that Samsung would be unveiling the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini  alongside the Galaxy S4 next month. Now  fresh rumours have surfaced suggesting that the  S4 Mini will land in stores in May.


These new rumours highlight that even though Samsung will  unveil the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4 Mini alongside each on March 14th it doesn't mean they'll land in stores at the same time. The Galaxy S4 is expected to be available to buy in April, while the S4 Mini will ship a month later in May.


What else do we know about Samsung's Galaxy S4 Mini so far ?


We know very little about the Galaxy S4 Mini other than the information we reported above regarding it's launch. However, we can make some educated guesses on what to expect based on Samsung's Galaxy S3 Mini (pictured below).


If history is anything to by Samsung's Galaxy S4 Mini will be a more compact and affordable version of the flagship Galaxy S4. That means it's likely to come with a touch-screen somewhere around 4 inches which will probably run at a resolution of 1280*720 pixels.


Galaxy S3 Mini

When it comes to power we expect the Galaxy S4 Mini to come with a quad-core processor which will probably be under-clocked to reduce battery consumption.


Our instincts tell us we'll be looking at models with either 16 or 32GB of on-board memory, while the S4 Mini is likely to have an 8 mega-pixel camera. We're hopeful the Galaxy S4 Mini will launching running on Android Key Lime Pie and with support for 4G, but we've got some nagging doubts about both in the back of our minds.


When do we expect to learn more about the Galaxy S4 Mini ?


The Galaxy S4 Mini is expected to be unveiled on March 14th at a Samsung press event in New York. However, fresh leaks are appearing all the time and we wouldn't be surprised to hear more about the smartphone ahead of that date.


3G will bring you all the news related to Samsung's Galaxy S4 Mini as soon we get it !



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