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Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 Mini And Galaxy Active Accessory To Be Unveiled In March ?

By Simon Thomas on 13th February 2013

Last week we reported that Samsung would be unveiling the Galaxy S4 in March with the smartphone due to land in retail outlets in April. Now we've heard that they'll be unveiling the Galaxy S4 Mini and a Galaxy Active accessory alongside their flagship smartphone.


Apparently , Samsung will unveil the 3 devices together as part of a group of products codenamed "Project J". Interestingly, the 3 devices mirrors Apple's lineup which is expected to include the iPhone 5S, iPhone Mini and the iWatch accessory.


The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a device that we've reported on a number of times before and rumours have given us a pretty good indication of what to expect from the smartphone.


The Galaxy S4 is thought to have a 5 inch Super AMOLED touch-screen running at a resolution of 1920 * 1080 pixels and will be powered by a 2 GHz octa-core Exynos processor. While, it's although expected to have 2GB of RAM, a 13 mega-pixel camera and will come pre-loaded with Android Jelly Bean.


Samsung's Galaxy S4 Mini, codenamed Project J Mini, isn't a device we've heard about in the past. However, it's likely to be a more compact and affordable version of Samsung's Galaxy S4 assuming the precedent set by the Galaxy S3 Mini is anything to go by.


Currently, we don't have any information at all about the specification of the Galaxy S4 Mini, but as soon as fresh information surfaces you'll be the first to know.


The third Project J device expected to be unveiled is the Galaxy Active which looks like a fitness accessory for Galaxy smartphones. The Galaxy Active looks set to accommodate all your fitness needs  with an Arm Band, Bike Mount and Pouch all due to be made available.


We recently reported on Apple's iWatch which is rumoured to be a Bluetooth accessory that connects with the iPhone enabling a user to read texts, social network updates and even make calls. It's possible Samsung's Galaxy Active will include similar features , but our instincts tell us that it's just a fitness accessory for Galaxy smartphones.


As soon as 3G hear more about the Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 Mini or Galaxy Active we'll let you know. Right now we expect all 3 devices to be unveiled in March before going on to launch in April.




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