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Samsung Galaxy S3 - How To Improve The Smartphone's Camera

By Simon Thomas on 14th February 2013

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has a pretty decent 8 mega-pixel snapper out of the box. However, for serious  photographers it still lacks a number of features they'd expect in standalone camera.


The good news is that VTEC have now launched a number of camera accessories for the Galaxy S3 which can bring a whole host of new features to the smartphones camera. All of the accessories work by snapping onto a Galaxy SIII case that comes included when you buy any of VTEC's lenses.


One of the main problems with smartphone cameras is their limited zoom which can be resolved thanks to CAM-1209 Aluminium Telephoto Lens (pictured above). The Lens, which costs £34.99, brings support for 12x zoom to the Galaxy S3 and includes a manual focus-ring and even comes with a tripod.


VTEC have also produced "Wide Angle" and "Macro" Lenses which are available as a bundle for £23.99. The Wide-Angle Lens enables Galaxy S3 owners to capture more of a scene in a single-shot, while the Macro lens is perfect for those close-up detailed snaps.


A number of other camera accessories have been produced by VTEC including a "Microscope" attachment offering 20x zoom (£24.99), a CPL filter for reducing glare and reflections (£34.99) and a Fish-Eye Lens which gives photos a unique finish.


All of VTEC's accessories are available to buy from their online store over at right now.

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