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Nokia Lumia 920 Wins Smartphone Of the Year Award

By Kevin Thomas on 23rd February 2013


The Nokia Lumia 920 has some great features that you won’t see on other Lumia handsets in the range, and this may have helped Nokia to land two major successes this week. The first is that the Mall of America will no longer use BlackBerry smartphones for its employees but will use the Nokia Lumia 920. If that’s not enough to elate Nokia fans, then we are please to confirm it has won the award for “Smartphone of the Year 2012” from Engadget.


Mall of America will equip its 11,000 employees with Nokia’s flagship Windows Phone 8 smartphone - the Nokia Lumia 920. Mall of America liked the Lumia 920 because of its “tight integration with Microsoft services.”


We are having difficulty remembering when Nokia last won an award last for one of its smartphones – but do recall that the Nokia 808 won a Best Imaging Innovation Award at Mobile World Congress 2012. But its won one now.


The readers of Engadget voted in numbers across all categories – with over 280,000 votes counted by the website. The results for the category “Smartphone of the Year” follow. In third place came the Apple iPhone 5 with 13.4% of the votes ( 4,135 ), in second place came the Samsung Galaxy S3 with 16% of the votes ( 4,808 ) and the winner was the Nokia Lumia 920 with 44% of the votes ( 13,449 ).


It looks to us here at 3G that the Nokia Lumia 920 has achieved something of a landslide victory. Over at Nokia Conversations ( the Official Nokia Blog website ), Jason Harris commented “We’re not quite sure if it’s because of innovations like PureView, wireless charging or the amazing super sensitive touch display, but we’re happy and we have all the Nokia customers and fans to thank”.


You can also check-out what 3G thought of the winning smartphone in our Nokia Lumia 920 Review conducted in November.

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