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Nokia Lumia 820 – Sports Direct Select It

By Kevin Thomas on 25th February 2013

Nokia has just chalked up another notable “Corporate win” for one of its Lumia smartphones – the Nokia Lumia 820. It was just last week that we heard that American Mall chose the Nokia Lumia 920 as its company’s business smartphone.


It’s been confirmed that Sports Direct have chosen the Nokia Lumia 820 as its business smartphone to be used throughout the company. Sports Direct has 18,000 employees but it’s not clear how many of those will be receiving a Nokia Lumia 820. What has been confirmed is that each Regional Manager will be getting one.


In the case of American Mall, they switched from using Blackberry’s throughout the company to the Nokia Lumia 920 which was a great win for Nokia. However, with Sports Direct their Regional Managers had already been using Nokia smartphones within the company ( e.g. Nokia Lumia 800 ) since October 2011, so this deal should be classed as a consolidation of existing business rather than new business. Obviously, still very good news for Nokia.


The move to the Nokia Lumia 820 was heavily geared towards the features and functions of the smartphone. In addition, the move to Windows Phone 8 was seen as vital to the synchronisation of mobiles and PCs throughout Sports Direct - the company is heavily committed to Microsoft computer systems.


Sports Direct staff will be able to check stock, take photos / videos as required and send and receive emails on the go. One of the key benefits of Windows Phone 8 which Sports Direct particularly liked was Nokia's “Company Hub”. Company Hub will allow Sports Direct to push Apps, important company updates and sales related communications to its staff in one easy push.


Another key feature Sports Direct considered of vital importance was security. The Nokia Lumia series of smartphones scored highly here with benefits such as feature device locking and remote wiping. These ensure all employees messages and data remain confidential and safe.


3G undertook our customary Nokia Lumia 820 review back in November when our reviewer concluded "The Nokia Lumia 820 is a smaller version of the Lumia 920 that still includes its most impressive features, including Nokia’s great apps and wireless charging, as well as offering 4G support"





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