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New iPad Mini To Have 7.9 Inch Retina Display

By Simon Thomas on 05th February 2013

The Apple iPad Mini has gone down pretty well since it launched in November. However, one of the major complaints aimed at Apple’s tablet is that it lacks a Retina display.


New information that has surfaced online suggests this issue could be addressed when Apple launch the next iPad Mini (iPad Mini 2). Apparently, Apple’s improved iPad Mini will have a 7.9 inch touch-screen running at a resolution of 2048*1,536 pixels.


The latest full-size iPad runs at the exact same resolution which puts into perspective how sharp the iPad Mini’s display will be (324 pixels per inch).   The display would be four times better than the current model’s screen (1024 × 768 pixels), which should silence critics of Apple's device.


The bad news is that the improved iPad Mini 2 isn't expected to launch until October . That’ll seem like a long wait for those unhappy with the current model. However, their hardly spoilt for choice because the Nexus 7, Kindle Fire HD and even the full-sized iPad are all good alternatives to the iPad Mini.


In related news Apple are also expected to launch a new full-sized iPad this year and that's expected to launch much earlier in the year. Infact, the latest leaks suggest that the improved Apple iPad could launch as soon as March !


As soon as 3G hear any new information about the iPad Mini or the new iPad you'll be the first to know !



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