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Motorola RAZR i Gets Jelly Beaned

By Simon Thomas on 07th February 2013

Motorola have announced that they've begun rolling out Android Jelly Bean for the Motorola RAZR i. The Jelly Bean update will bring a whole host of new features to Motorola's high-end smartphone and will be greatly appreciated by owners of the smartphone.


To this day whenever we hear the name RAZR we can only think of the original Motorola RAZR V3 which launched way back in 2004. When the mobile launched , almost 10 years ago, it was ultra-cool because it was much thinner than any other premium smartphone on the market !


Motorola have now revived the brand and launched a whole new range of RAZR smartphones including the Motorola RAZR, RAZR MAXX, RAZR M and the RAZR i. They all build on the fundamentals set by the original RAZER V3, but with a modern twist and they've all been well received.


The Motorola RAZR i is one of the only smartphones in the world powered by an Intel processor and we were very impressed by the smartphone when we reviewed it last year. We concluded that "The Motorola Razr is a well-designed handset, offering top battery life, powerful performance and a stunning display."


The RAZR i has now got even better because Motorola have begun rolling out Android Jelly Bean for the smartphone. The update is being issued in phases , so you might have to wait a little while longer to begin enjoying the latest version of Google's operating system.


So what new features will Jelly Bean bring to Motorola RAZR i ?


Owners of the Motorola RAZR i can look forward to a plethora of new features including support for "Google Now". Google Now is Google's voice-assistant software which works very similarly to Apple's Siri software.


Jelly Bean also adds support for actions inside the notification bar which is a pretty novel feature that you quickly come to rely on. The home-screen widget management has also been significantly improved while the whole operating system is more responsive and reliable.


A whole host of application improvements have also been implemented but there are too many to be listed here. But take our word for it that the update to Android Jelly Bean will make a huge difference to your everyday mobile experience !


How do you update the RAZR i to Android Jelly Bean ?


Motorola are releasing the Android Jelly Bean update over-the-air so you don't even need to connect the smartphone to your desktop PC to install the update. Owners of the RAZR i should receive an automatic notification when the update is ready to download.


As always 3G recommends you backup your settings and data before installing the update just in case something goes wrong. Furthermore, we advise users to download the update over WiFi unless they are lucky enough to have unlimited data.


As soon as we get news on the update rolling on specific operators in the UK we'll let you know !

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