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More Power For Your Apple iPhone 5

By Kevin Thomas on 06th February 2013

We completed our iPhone 5 Review back in September 2012 and at the time we commented “with moderate use the battery lasts a whole day, but if you’re streaming media it will die after five hours”. Of course, other smartphones like the iPhone 4 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 have benefitted from a Mophie Juice Pack since 2011 and September, 2012 respectively.


So finally, Mophie have released its Mophie juice pack helium ( battery case ) for the iPhone 5 and will first launch in the US. The great news is that the 1,500 mAh battery within the case gets you 80% more battery life yet is 13% less in depth than the iPhone 4 mophie juice pack.


Mophie confirm the Mophie juice pack for the iPhone 5 is the thinnest and lightest juice pack to-date, after five years of innovation. Anyone who has ever used one for their smartphone will know they can be life-savers when you most need that vital battery power but they also are fine cases which more than adequately protect your iPhone 5.


How Does the Mophie juice pack helium power your iPhone 5 ?



It's really a booster battery pack which you control via a small standby switch on the Mophie juice pack helium. The power is transferred from the battery within the case via a micro USB when your iPhone 5 is within the case. Both can be charged when the iPhone 5 is charged with your case on.


There are two colour variations of the Mophie juice pack helium for the iPhone 5 and these are dark metallic and silver metallic. The dark metallic version ships first on the 14th February and the silver metallic version ships in early March.


The above dates are for the US only but we feel the UK versions won’t be too far away. The cost for the Mophie juice pack helium power for the iPhone 5 is about £51.



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