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MiFi From Just £10.87 A Month From Three

By Simon Thomas on 11th February 2013

Three are promoting their new "Ultrafast" network at the moment, but they've also got some other amazing new deals which deserve attention.  The operator has just unveiled a whole range of new MiFi deals which are available to buy from their store.


MiFi , which stands for Mobile WiFi , enables a single mobile broadband connection to be used to provide internet to multiple devices. The service works by using a MiFi dongle to create a personal WiFi network which enables up to five devices to connect to the internet simultaneously.


The new MiFi deals come with a Huawei E5331 Value MiFi and are available from just £10.87 per month. That gets you 1GB of data per month as well as getting the Huawei dongle free with the contract lasting 24 months.


Those looking for more data might want to consider Three's 15GB tariff which costs just £18.99 a month and also comes with a free Huawei dongle. While , the operator also offers a couple of 18 month tariffs for those not comfortable with 2 year contracts.


Three also offer a variety of Pay As You Go MiFi deals including the "Pay As You Go +1" option which includes 1GB of data valid for one month which costs £49.99. While, they also offer the device with 3GB of data valid for 3 months for £59.99.


You can checkout all of Three's Value MIFi deals by clicking here.

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