HTC M7 (HTC One) To Debut Ultrapixel Camera Technology



Over the last couple of weeks we've heard a great deal about HTC's M7 including that it's likely to launch as the HTC One. A leaked image of the smartphone has also appeared , while we also have a good idea of the specification of the smartphone.


However, today we've heard a new rumour which suggests that the HTC M7 (or HTC One) will be the first device to include an "Ultrapixel Camera". Previously, we reported that HTC's smartphone would have a 13 mega-pixel camera , but it looks like that was slightly misleading.


The HTC M7's camera will have the equivalent of a 13 mega-pixel rating, but it'll actually have 3 separate 4.3 mega-pixel sensors. The "Ultrapixel" camera then combines the three images taken into a single image that is sharper and clearer than the image produced by an equivalent mega-pixel camera.


The technology adopts a similar approach to Nokia's 41 mega-pixel Pureview camera which combined multiple pixels from a single shot into one single pixel. However, HTC's new Ultrapixel camera takes things a step further because it has multiple camera sensors.


HTC are expected to unveil the HTC M7/HTC One on February 19th and we'll be bringing you all the news from the press event next week !



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By Simon Thomas on 14th February, 2013

Tags: HTC M7HTC One

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