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Google Opening Dedicated Retail Stores This Year

By Simon Thomas on 19th February 2013

Google have moved heavily into the hardware market in the last couple of years thanks to the release of their Nexus devices and their Chromebooks. Now it looks like they are going to launch their own retail outlets in the US.


Fresh rumours suggest that Google are already working on their first retail stores which will open in the US before the end of this year. Both Microsoft and Apple already have retail outlets across the world so it seems like a natural step for Google to open their own outlets.


In the UK Google have already introduced a number of "pop-up" stores in PC World and Dixons stores to educate consumers about Google's products. The stores are fronted by Google employees who aim to teach consumers all about Google's devices and their Chrome browser.


Google's new stores will be there to sell Google's devices directly to consumers including the Google Nexus 7, Google Nexus 4 and Google's Chromebooks. However, they'll also be there to enable consumers to try the latest Google software and hardware including "Project Glasses".


Currently, Google are only expected to launch dedicated retail outlets in the US. However, we see no reason why they shouldn't follow suit by opening Google Stores in the UK sometime next year. As soon as 3G get more news about Google's Stores you'll be the first to know !




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