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Doorbot - Use Your Smartphone As A Door Entry System

By Kevin Thomas on 19th February 2013

Doorbot is a recently invented product that uses modern technology combined with your smartphone or tablet to let you see who’s at the front door of your home or office. This sounds a great idea. It provides great video quality during day or night time use. We saw a similar product where a hotel was letting customers use their smartphones as hotel door keys but we are not sure if this ever took off.


Doorbot is basically a doorbell with a video camera which connects to your router via WiFi and once you download the free App you can then see who is at the front door via your smartphone or tablet’s screen. It’s available for Apple's iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 and will be on sale around July time for about £120.


You can also purchase Lockitron for an additional £100 and this will let you remotely open the door to let your visitors in, once you have checked whose at the door.


Doorbot works in the following way. When a visitor rings the doorbell, your smartphone or tablet will be activated with a pop up window displaying a real time video of whose at your front door letting you decide to answer the door or not. A video shows exactly how it works below.



You can ignore the visitor altogether or play a pre-recorded video to your visitor which gives them an idea of what they should do e.g. leave the parcel outside thank you or I will come to the door in 2 minutes so please don’t leave.


Doorbot seems to be a great product and for what you get seems reasonably priced, especially for business users. Doorbot itself is battery powered (4 x AA batteries ) but the manufacturer claims one set of batteries will last for up to one year.

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