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Blackberry Z10 - Vodafone's First 4G Ready Smartphone

By Simon Thomas on 05th February 2013


The Blackberry Z10 is now available to buy from Vodafone and it's the first 4G ready smartphone sold by the operator. That means that as soon as Vodafone's 4G network you'll be able to take advantage of the new speeds on the smartphone.


So what deals are Vodafone offering on the Blackberry Z10 ?


Vodafone are offering the Blackberry Z10 on contracts starting at £33 a month which gets you 600 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB of mobile data. However, you will have to pay £129 upfront for the smartphone.


Those looking to get the smartphone free might want to checkout Vodafone's "Red Plan" which costs £42 a month and gets you unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 2GB of data per month. This is by far the best deal offered by Vodafone , although it's disappointing not to get unlimited data.


You can checkout all of Vodafone's deals by clicking here.


Where else will i be able to buy the Blackberry Z10 ?


The Blackberry Z10 is also coming to Three where it'll also be able to take advantage of the operators 4G network when it launches later in the year. Until then you'll be able to use Three's "Ultrafast" network and the when the 4G network is switched on you won't even have to pay more !


At the current time Three don't have the smartphone on sale, but it'll be available very soon. . Until then you can pre-order your interest by clicking here !


Blackberry's Z10 is also available to buy on EE on their 4G network, while O2 are also offering the smartphone. However, neither are likely to anywhere near as good value as Three.

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