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BlackBerry Z10 Selling Well on 3G or 4G Mobile Networks ?

By Kevin Thomas on 07th February 2013

We spent a day on the move with the BlackBerry Z10 earlier this week and have just posted our our BlackBerry Z10 Review. We also posted an article earlier today “BlackBerry 10 off to a storming start” which covered how well the Z10 has sold so far in Canada and the UK. The latest news below on how well the BlackBerry Z10 is selling comes via Phones4u.


The High Street retailer is first to make a formal release on how well the BlackBerry Z10 is actually selling – well sort of anyway. Phones4u say that the Z10 sold out in over half of its 680 stores and has now restocked to meet demand. The BlackBerry Z10 comes in two colours which are white and black versions. Phones4u say the white version is outselling the black version by far and this is likely because Phones4u is the only place to get the white version.


Recent research conducted on behalf of Phones4U by uBar reveals that demand for the Blackberry Z10 has doubled since late last year. One thing that has been omitted from the Phones4u sales update on the Blackberry Z10 is which mobile operator is achieving the bulk of the sales. The Z10 is sold by the retailer via EE, Orange and Vodafone.


4G’s thoughts on the sales of the Blackberry Z10 is that its great to hear that Blackberry have fired up the smartphone market with the arrival of the Z10 but we are disappointed that we don’t know if the bulk of the Z10 sales comes via EE on its 4G network or if the bulk of the sales are coming from 3G operators ( Vodafone and Orange.


4G will endeavour to find out but meanwhile please checkout for our BlackBerry Z10 Review.

Scott Hooton, Chief Commercial Officer at Phones 4u, comments: “As Phones 4u is currently the only place people can get their hands on the BlackBerry Z10 in white, it has been a huge success and continues to sell extremely well.  A large number of our stores DID sell out of the white model on launch weekend, but because we knew demand was so high and we didn’t want anyone to miss out on getting one, we replenished stock within hours.”


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