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Blackberry Z10 Off To A Storming Start

By Simon Thomas on 07th February 2013

The last couple of years havn't been that great for RIM who've seen their market share tumble and their reputation damaged by server crashes. Infact, many industry experts are suggesting that Blackberry 10 is the last throw of the device for the company now officially re-branded as Blackberry.


Blackberry's first Blackberry 10 smartphone , the Blackberry Z10, was announced at the end of January and went to market the next day. We recently got our hands on the smartphone and we were pretty impressed with the mobile and expressed our thoughts in our Blackberry Z10 hands-on review.


Positive reviews are greatly appreciated but ultimately Blackberry are only concerned in sales of their smartphones. So how well has the Blackberry Z10 sold ?


Blackberry have reported that the Z10 sold 50 per cent better than any previous launch day in Canada. Furthermore, first week sales of the smartphone in the UK have been three times better than ever before.


So far so good but that's only two markets and the rest of the world not mentioned in Blackberry's report. However, in their current position Blackberry will be pleased to see their smartphone is showing potential.


Later this year the second Blackberry 10 smartphone, the Blackberry Q10, will land which has a full QWERTY keyboard. We feel that a lot of hardcore Blackberry fans are waiting it out for the launch of the Q10 and we're really interested to see how it fares.


3G really hope Blackberry's new range of smartphones succeed because in the past the company made significant contributions to the world of mobile. We're sure that, given the chance, they can continue to influence the mobile world for years to come.


Blackberry Z10

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