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Blackberry 10 To Support Android Jelly Bean Apps

By Simon Thomas on 07th February 2013

Blackberry are rumoured to be bringing support for Android Jelly Bean applications to its Blackberry 10 operating system. This would be a huge boost for Blackberry's operating system and would vastly increase the chance of widespread uptake.


Blackberry 10 was unveiled at the end of January and so far the operating system has been well received. Infact, earlier today we reported that the Blackberry Z10 which runs on Blackberry 10 has broke sales records in Canada and the UK.


The operating system still has a lot to prove and Blackberry have a lot resting on the success of the operating system. Over the last year the companies market share has dropped vastly and their reputation has been damaged by server crashes.


Whenever a new operating system launches one of the major problems is the lack of applications available to download. The situation with is amplified with Blackberry 10 because the operating system isn't backwards compatible with Blackberry 7.


However, Blackberry have done a good job of getting developers to make applications for the platform and saw 15,000 applications from a single Community Port-a-Thon event. Additionally, Blackberry 10 smartphones can already run Android Gingerbread applications !


Information being reported online suggests that Blackberry 10 smartphones will soon be able to run Android Jelly Bean applications. This is big news because it would make a huge number of cutting-edge applications available on Blackberry's Z10 and Q10 smartphones.


Currently, we don't have any information on when Blackberry will add support for Android Jelly Bean to its new platform. However, we can't imagine it being all that simple to port the latest Android apps to Blackberry 10 , so it'll probably be some way off.


As soon as 3G get more news on the arrival of Android Jelly Bean applications on Blackberry 10 we'll let you know.




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