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Apple iWatch - Smartwatch With Curved Glass Display Incoming

By Simon Thomas on 12th February 2013

At the start of this year we reported on rumours that Apple had begun producing a new device called the Apple iWatch. Fresh rumours have now surfaced giving us even more information about Apple's smartwatch.


In our previous atcile we reported that that Apple would launch the Apple iWatch in 2013 and that it would connect over Bluetooth to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Additionally, it was also rumoured to have a 1.5 inch touch-screen and would enable users to check their texts, emails and more all from their wrist-watch.


The smartwatch concept isn't new because a number of devices are already on the market including Sony's Smartwatch and Motorola's MotoACTV. Additionally, a group of investors are currently raising funds to manufacturer a smartwatch accessory for Apple devices codenamed Pebble.


What do these new rumours tell us about Apple's iWatch ?


Importantly, the rumours validate the existence of Apple's iWatch and the source of the article (NYTimes) is one of the most reliable and informed sources in the world. This makes us pretty confident that Apple will launch an iWatch this year !


Things get even more interesting because according to this new information Apple's iWatch will incorporate a curved glass display. The display will wrap around a users wrist increasing the potential screen-size and ensuring the iWatch is comfortable to wear.


Apple's iWatch could even incorporate new flexible display technology which would guarantee that it wraps perfectly around a users wrist. However , this is totally unconfirmed and Apple havn't been one of the major pioneers when it comes to flexible display technology. 


What features could the Apple iWatch have ?


At the current time we're not sure whether the iWatch will be a standalone device or whether it'll need to work in combination with another Apple device. Our instincts tell us that calling and internet will only be possible when paired with another Apple device, but that the iWatch will also have standalone features.


We predict that Apple's iWatch will be able to partner with an iPad or iPhone to receive text messages, social networks and perhaps even make calls. However, we don't expect it to come with a SIM-slot , so you'll need to pair with another Apple device to access such features.


However, it's not beyond the realms of possibility that Apple's iWatch could act as a standalone music player . The device would only need a small amount of on-board memory or support for microSD cards , which doesn't seem unreasonable. Our only reservation is whether Apple would to devalue it's iPod range, but sales of the music player have been dropping in recent times.


We're more confident that Apple's iWatch will act as a standlone fitness device which can monitor your workout which you'll then be able to upload to your Mac or iPhone later. The device is therefore highly likely to include a GPS sensor and could include a heartbeat monitor.


An outside bet is that Apple's iWatch could include NFC functionality enabling you to pay for items in store without needing your smartphone. However, all of these features will raise the cost of the iWatch and some sacrifices will have to be made.


When can we expect to find out more about Apple's iWatch ?


Apple have always done a good job of keeping their devices secret and the iWatch is no different. However, our instincts tell us that the iWatch won't be unveiled until towards the end of 2013. As soon as 3G get any new information you'll be the first to know !



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