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Apple iWatch - Fresh Rumours Surface About Apple's Smartwatch

By Simon Thomas on 14th February 2013

The Apple iWatch first appeared in rumours back in January with fresh rumours surfacing earlier this week. Now more details about Apple's iWatch have appeared giving more credence to claims of the devices existence.


According to fresh information Apple already have a team of over 100 people working on the iWatch. This suggests to us that the device is far beyond the concept stage and has already entered the design stage at the very least.


Our general impression , based on rumours and responses from the industry,  is that the iWatch will be unveiled later this year. However, Apple always keep their devices secret until the day they are announced so it'll be a long wait until we get official confirmation.


What do we know about Apple's iWatch so far ?


Apple's iWatch connects over Bluetooth to other Apple devices including the iPhone and iPad. This will enable users to undertake mobile tasks without having to take their device out of their pocket or bag.


The possibilities are endless but it seems pretty certain you'll be able to check texts, read social network updates and control music playback with the iWatch. What's less certain is whether you'll be able to make calls using the iWatch , but we've got our fingers crossed for its inclusion.


One thing we're also pretty confident about is that the iWatch will include a number of fitness features.  We expect users to  be able to track their running routes, heart-rate and much more all on your iWatch before later syncing it with your Mac or other Apple device.


Apple's iWatch could also act as a standalone music player if it has its own on-board memory. However, we're not sure whether Apple would want to devalue it's iPod range so we expect it to need another device in order to act as a music player.


As soon as we hear more about Apple's iWatch we'll let you know !



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