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Apple iOS 6.1 Vulnerable To Passcode Hack

By Simon Thomas on 15th February 2013


Earlier this week we brought you news that Apple had released iOS 6.1.1 update to correct a problem brought by the release of iOS 6.1. Since updating to the iOS 6.1 iPhone 4S owners were having major problems with 3G connectivity which has now been fixed in the new update.


However, the problems don't end their because today a video has appeared documenting a major security flaw in iOS 6.1. The video shows how anyone picking up an iPhone can bypass Apple's "Passcode" security feature and gain full access to a users smartphone.


This problem is even more serious than the 3G problem affecting Apple's iPhone 4S. To be fair you  do need to get your hands on the actual smartphone to hack into it and the procedure isn't simple, but the fact that's its now common knowledge makes it a serious concern.


Apple have already responded by announcing that they are working on a security fix for the problem. This will be the second patch issued for the operating system already and a third problem related to Microsoft Exchange has also recently been identified.


Over the last year Apple's reputation has been affected by poor software releases which began with the release of the new version of Apple Maps. The software was so bad that Apple themselves recommend users to download a third party navigation solution.


Now the latest version of their iOS platform has shipped with 3 major bugs included. Apple are also under increasing pressure from Samsung and the resurgence of Nokia so they'll need to get their act together quickly !


As soon as 3G get more news on the release of the patch for Apple iOS 6.1 we'll let you know.



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