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4G Mobile Unified WiFi Device Announced

By Kevin Thomas on 18th February 2013

ZTE has announced a new second generation 4G mobile hotspot device. The  ZTE MF93D ( above ) is a “unified WiFi device ( uFi ) which is compatible with both 4G LTE and Three’s Ultrafast mobile network. The only other 4G mobile hotspot device available in the UK is the Huawei E589 Mobile WiFi Device – sold by EE – although this is a first generation device.


The  ZTE MF93D 4G mobile hotspot device has the capability to handle a maximum speed of 100 Mega Bits per second and acts as a 4G mobile router providing 4G connectivity for up to 10 additional devices including phones, tablets, PCs, laptops and dongles.


The MF93D incorporates Qualcomm’s latest LTE chips and supports all 4G frequency bands used in Europe , 3G frequency bands and dual-band 2.4G / 5GHz WiFi networks. Notable improvements over  first generation uFi devices are improved battery capacity ( now 2800 mAh ), lower power consumption  and improved heat dissipation.


A standout feature of the new 4G mobile hotspot device is that it comes with a 1.4 inch touchscreen and is compatible with all uFi monitors - which when connected to the MF93D - can be used to access the 4G mobile internet.


Users can check the functional status of uFi devices along with 4G and  Ultrafast signal strength, battery condition, useful data statistics as well as both upload and download speeds.


“The ZTE MF93D’s powerful functions and outstanding performance have already ensured the popularity of the device with mainstream operators all over the world,” said Dr. Liu Shuliang, MBB Product Planning Director, ZTE.

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