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Microsoft has posted an update on its Windows Phone Developer Blog which outlines that the number of Apps on the Windows Phone store has surpassed 200,000 and that it is growing from strength to strength.


We recall that the company hit the figure of 100,000 apps on the store last June. Windows Phone 8 launched in October, 2012, so it’s taken 8 months to move to 100K and another 6 months to add an additional 100K.


The tech-giant also confirmed that it currently has over 12 million app transactions a day. But it's not clear what proportion of the download apps are free and how many are premium.


Microsoft also gave details on the reach of the Windows Phone Store, which is now available in 190 different countries across the world.


"The current holiday shopping season and all the great promotions are just underway, and we’re already seeing momentum build with the Store surpassing 12 million transactions per day and Windows Phone Store surpassing 200,000 apps” said Todd Brix of Microsoft.


He added “"The best news is that we’re just getting started. In the new calendar year we’ll introduce creative new approaches to help you reach users in your app developing. Stay tuned,"


The vast majority of Windows Phone 8 devices are made by Nokia so its likely that a large percentage of the transactions have come from owners of Nokia Lumia smartphones and tablets.


One thing Microsoft omitted to include was the number of downloads its Switch to Windows Phone App has had. It would have been useful to see how many users were taking advantage of the app to switch from Android to Windows Phone.


Did you know Instagram is now on Windows?

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By Kevin Thomas on 18th December, 2013

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